Work Permits and Immigration

The lawyers and specialists on our immigration team have extensive practical experience in obtaining Swiss, as well as Liechtenstein, work and residence permits for large international corporate clients, start-up companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

We particularly provide the following services:

  • Assessment of client immigration needs and appropriate  visa, work and residence permit strategies for any Swiss canton
  • Coordination and support of document collection and preparation
  • Filing of work and residence permit applications in German, French, Italian or English in any Swiss canton
  • Negotiations with the federal State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), cantonal labour market and immigration authorities
  • Obtaining of visas, translations and legalisations
  • Coordination with cantonal business and economic development authorities
  • Assessment of immigration law aspects in global business strategies
  • Immigration compliance
  • Comprehensive outsourcing in the area of corporate immigration
  • Advice in related areas of law such as citizenship, body leasing and working time authorizations
  • Services in the areas of social security, tax at source, HR and payroll administration
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