Technology Law and Digital Transformation

We provide our clients with guidance on the legal and operational challenges associated with the digital transformation of business models. At every stage of business development, we support our clients where technology, business operations and law intersect. Our legal guidance and support are characterized by our in-depth knowledge of the finance and insurance, healthcare and  IT industries.

We particularly focus on the following services:

  • Legal questions related to new technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts
  • Support of start-up business model implementations and in the re-designing of SME business models
  • Development of individual risk management and compliance solutions
  • Ensuring appropriate interfacing with government authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Support in defining corporate governance models with focus on sustainability accross business development cycles
  • Participation in or moderation of workshops related to corporate development in the context of business model digitalisation

Our legal focus is in the following areas of law:

  • Blockchain, LegalTech, IT and IP law
  • Data protection and technology law
  • Corporate governance und compliance

We provide these interdisciplinary services in close cooperation with our trusted network partners.

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