Labour Law

We advise our clients on questions concerning labour law and the related legal fields. Our attorneys possess extensive experience in both an advisory capacity and in conducting labour law litigation.

We in particular advise and support our clients in the following labour law areas:

  • Employment contracts for any employee or management level
  • Personnel regulations (e.g. employee handbooks, expense and working hours rules, business regulations)
  • Bonus/employee participation programs
  • Employment models (e.g. part-time work, working remotely)
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Incapacity to work and related questions (e.g. continuation of salary payments, daily allowances)
  • Dismissal, termination agreements and garden leave
  • Reference letters
  • Labour law questions related to operational restructuring, including mass redundancies and social plans
  • Body leasing and employment agency
  • Questions of public labour law
  • Questions related to self-employment
  • Advice and representation in employment disputes and litigation
  • HR and payroll administration

We further advise our clients in relation to data protection aspects of labour law, in particular in the following areas:

  • Processing of personal data in the employment context
  • Managing of personnel files
  • Managing internet/social media at the workplace (including usage regulations)
  • Surveillance at the workplace
  • Cross-border data transfer / outsourcing
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